Bladder Cystitis

Easy Ways to Prevent Bladder Cystitis

Bladder cystitis is the infection of the bladder that is commonly caused by E. coli bacteria. You need a doctor’s diagnosis to see if you really have cystitis. Your urine is examined to check for infection. Seeing a doctor once you experience some unusual pain in the abdomen is recommended.


The most common bladder cystitis symptoms are frequency to urinate and some blood present in the urine. The urine smells very bad and looks dark or cloudy sometimes too. Other symptoms are pains at the lower back, in the abdomen and the upper pubic bone. It is also a common symptom to urinate when there is little amount coming out. Experiencing these conditions indicate you have bladder cystitis.

What is the recommended bladder cystitis diet for patient? Foods that are acidic must be avoided. Instead, you eat plenty of alkaline foods. Acidic foods like sweetened yogurt, sweeteners, table salt, soy sauce, rice, meat, fish, pastas, popcorn and cheese must be limited or avoided if possible. There are also beverages to avoid including carbonated drinks, sodas, coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Alkaline foods, on the other hand are almonds, fresh coconut, chestnuts, milk, goat’s milk cream, eggs, unsalted butter, potatoes, peas, unsprouted sesame, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Consuming more alkaline can help you reduce cystitis in the bladder.

Bladder cystitis is a serious problem and it may result to chronic bladder cystitis if no treatment is done. This chronic condition may be considered as recurring cystitis. If this condition is not treated right it may lead to other infections like gall bladder cystitis and even cause to death. Bladder cystitis treatment is important in this kind of illness. Those organisms that are causing cystitis are not eliminated just by taking common antibiotics. Therefore, you have to consult from a proper physician to get the best prescription of effective antibiotics. It usually recommends 7 to 10 days to take antibiotics before you get cured. Taking antibiotics prescribed by a doctor is a must.

Painful urination and inflammation of the bladder cystitis are the results of this infection. This urinary bladder cystitis is caused by an infection in the urinary tract. This infection starts by E. coli bacteria that usually come from bowel. However, this infection can be easily treated naturally by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. Recovering through natural remedies is also a good way to treat cystitis.

Preventing to suffer from bladder cystitis depends on how you deal with it and take care of it. If you want to avoid this infection, you need medical treatments and natural remedies. Following the health tips provided is a good way to prevent this infection.