Chronic Cystitis Help

How to Prevent and Treat Chronic Cystitis

Chronic cystitis is the recurring urinary tract infection that involves repeated infections of the bladder or the kidney even after treatment. This is caused by bacteria that enter the body via the skin around the genitals and anal areas. These bacteria will travel into the urethra and reach for the bladder or kidney. It will result to an infection if the bacteria are not killed by the immune system. Learning how to treat this chronic cystitis bladder infection is very important and helpful.


Chronic cystitis in men is not typically common because most patients are women. However men can get it sometimes if there is an enlargement of the bladder or kidney. There may be also problems in the immune system and damage to parts of urinary system that cause men to suffer from it. For both men and women, abnormalities in the ureters, urethra, bladder or kidney are common cause of chronic cystitis. Living a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene can prevent you from suffering this illness.

There are various chronic cystitis symptoms you must be aware of. These include fever, the urgency to urinate frequently, painful urination, pain in the abdomen or on the sides of the back below the ribs, nausea and vomiting, incontinence or involuntary loss of urine, a sensation of fullness in the lower abdomen and blood in the urine. Having knowledge about the symptoms of cystitis can give you a warning to get treatment right away.

Chronic cystitis is a serious medical problem which requires proper chronic cystitis treatment to apply. The bacteria causing chronic cystitis cannot be cured by ordinary antibiotics. There is a need to consult a trusted physician for proper chronic cystitis medications to take. The physician knows and determines the best medications for this cystitis problem. Antibiotics are the best medical measures to eliminate this chronic disease. The antibiotics must be taken daily or 3 times a week after sexual intercourse. Seeing a doctor for medical help is one way to treat this cystitis

Patients with this health problem must observe diet too. The proper and recommended chronic cystitis diet includes alkaline foods. These alkaline foods are fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other foods that are rich in fiber. Drinking lots of water and fruit juices like cranberry are other best treatments of cystitis. All these can flush bacteria away through urination. Observing proper diet and good hygiene helps in preventing this health problem.

Following these tips on how to cure chronic cystitis is a great opportunity you must take. Thus, you must take these health facts and tips as a way to help you prevent getting infection. Keeping these things in mind is a good start to have a good health.


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