Chronic Cystitis

What is Chronic Cystitis

Chronic cystitis is also called as interstitial cystitis which is the state of urinary tract infection in the bladder. This is the condition where the infection is caused by Escherichia coli that naturally live in the intestine. However, this kind of bacteria is usually collected from bowel movement. Avoiding the development and growth of this bacterial infection is attainable through chronic cystitis treatment.


This infection is more common to women than chronic cystitis in men. The condition of pregnancy and menopause are susceptible for women to get chronic cystitis. Because of these anatomical structures, women can get more chances and risks of suffering from acute and chronic cystitis. This does not mean though that men can relax. They still need to take care of their health since cystitis can develop in men through enlargement of prostate. Knowing chronic cystitis medication and treatment is recommended to both men and women.

Cystitis starts from the catheter or stone that obstructs the urine to flow from the bladder or enlarged prostate into the urethra. The obstruction of flow of urine can cause bacterial infection. Urine contains bacteria that must be carried out of the urinary tract system. If the urine stays in the bladder, that is how cystitis begins to occur. Preventing a health condition like this can be conquered through proper health care.

Furthermore, chronic cystitis symptoms let you know if you are suffering from this kind of painful and discomfort illness. The frequent urge to urinate is one common symptom of cystitis. During urination you get to feel pain and burning sensation too. Pain in your lower back, pubic bone and pelvic region is also an indication of chronic cystitis. In some cases, an infected person can suffer from fever, vomiting and nausea. Getting immediate chronic cystitis treatment once you feel these symptoms is highly advisable.

There are many ways to effectively cure cystitis. One of them is to rely on chronic cystitis diet. This is the consumption of natural foods that are healthy such as fruits and vegetables. Another method to cure this condition is the intake of antibiotics. Most doctors recommend and prescribe antibiotics for cystitis treatment. Seeking a doctor and applying some home remedies can help a lot in preventing cystitis.

Taking care of your body and health is the ultimate way to prevent chronic cystitis. This is a condition where bacteria strike in the urinary bladder. Thus, you must ensure to live a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene in order to avoid this infection. Keeping these tips and facts in mind can help you overcome and prevent cystitis.