Chronic Pyelonephritis

Preventing Chronic Pyelonephritis – Antibiotics and Home Remedies

Chronic pyelonephritis is a kidney inflammation or infection that produces scar in the kidneys. This may also result to chronic renal failure which is one of the chronic pyelonephritis risk factors. In the case of chronic pyelonephritis adults mostly get it than in children due to their anatomical structures and hormonal changes. Learning the causes, symptoms and treatments of this disease could help you on how to deal with it.


Chronic pyelonephritis symptoms vary depending on the circumstances and condition of the immune system. Some may get mild symptoms while others can experience severe ones. Pain during urination is a common symptom of chronic pyelonephritis. Fever with vomiting and nausea can also occur. The condition of being easily tired and get fatigue is another sign of the infection. Having unusual health conditions should give you a clue that you need to diagnose if you get this infectious disease.

Various chronic pyelonephritis causes can be named. The most common one is recurring urinary tract infection or UTI that has not been successfully treated that resulted to this. As a type of UTI, the bacteria from the urethra reach the kidney which causing inflammation. It is important then to treat a mild UTI as early as possible to avoid becoming a chronic pyelonephritis. Treating urinary tract infection before it gets worse can prevent getting this kidney infection.

Chronic pyelonephritis treatment is necessary once being diagnosed with the disease. Otherwise, this disease can cause chronic pyelonephritis complications. You may get renal or kidney failure, hypertension, hypokalaemia, hyponatraemia, papillary necrosis and many more. You may need to undergo chronic pyelonephritis ultrasound to diagnose your health status.

Antibiotics are the most recommended means of treatment for this disease. Doctors usually prescribe the best antibiotics that can alleviate pain and fight off bacteria. All patients need to take prescribed antibiotics to cure the infection. Infected persons are also suggested to do some home remedies. Following the advice of a doctor should be given importance to have proper and successful treatment.

Preventing chronic pyelonephritis is not as challenging as you think. It is just a matter of self controlling and taking care of the body by means of proper treatment. Thus, it would be very helpful to seek a doctor right away once symptoms arise. You must not wait until symptoms become unbearable and infection become untreatable. Applying treatment as soon as possible can help prevent the infection.


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