Cystitis Cystica

Cystitis Cystica – Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cystitis cystica is a health condition where there is infection in the bladder and mucosal cysts in the bladder wall. This is chronic cystitis that has formation of multiple cysts in wall of the bladder. It is a risky cystitis cystica because cells can change once it becomes adenocarcinoma. Learning the causes, symptoms and treatment of cystitis cystica can give you knowledge on how to take care of your health and prevent cystitis.


The development of cystitis cystica in the bladder wall is due to two things. First, it could be from chronic irritation in the bladder of a person. The second one is the inflammation in the bladder. Both of these result to cystitis cystica that needs proper treatment. These two conditions are mainly occurring because of past bladder infections associated with stones in the urine or tumors in the bladder. This health issue causes the bladder to produce more mucus in the cells which apparently become cysts. This is how cystitis with cysts can form. Knowing the cystitis cystica treatment is what you need to do.

Cystitis cystica symptoms are easily recognized. They are mostly associated with pain and inflammation during urination. Other than those, the color, smell and look of urine can change. There is possible blood trace in the urine as well. Back pain and pelvic pain are other signs of cystitis cystica. Addressing these uncomfortable conditions must be done with immediate response through treatment.

The delay of treatment can cause cancer in the bladder. Cysts and tumors are cancerous that must be prevented as soon as possible. You need to act immediately in preventing this condition from becoming worse. The cystitis cystica emedicine provided in many health magazine websites can give you answers on how to treat it. Finding treatment is important which must be done as quickly as possible.

You need a pathologist doctor to help you diagnose if you have this kind of illness. Endoscopy is the diagnostic test for this because it checks the inside of your bladder and collects cells for evaluation. This determines whether you have cysts trapped in your bladder wall or not. Going to the right doctor for diagnosis and treatment is recommended.

Treating cystitis cystica is somewhat challenging. It needs appropriate medical procedures and proper health care. The only way to know those things is to ask the help of a doctor. Hence, visiting a doctor for treatment is a must.