Cystitis in Men

Dealing with Cystitis in Men – Knowing Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cystitis in men is uncommon but it is a risky kind of illness that needs immediate treatment. This is the result of the inflammation of the bladder that must be given with proper cure. Treating the cystitis men experience is not difficult to find as there are lots of cures available.


This male cystitis is often caused by other health problems like enlargement of prostate, prostate cancer, infection of the prostate or an obstruction in the bladder. Fortunately, this health problem is easily solved after applying the best treatments. Knowing how to cure this infection in men is important.

Cystitis in men is the result of abnormalities in the urinary system causing some germs or bacteria to multiply. This growth results to the infection of the bladder. These abnormalities include a pocket-shaped pouch sticking out from the bladder’s wall. A stone in the bladder can be also the cause of this cystitis. In cystitis in men diabetes can be a big contributor in the growth of bacteria. This illness refers to the content of too much sugar in the urine. The bladder when affected by diabetes prevents them from contracting and does not fully empty the bladder during urination. This allows the bacteria to breed in the bladder which eventually lead to its infection. Learning the cause of this illness can give you ideas on how to prevent it.

If there is cystitis in men symptoms can surely arise. There are some traces of blood, dark or cloudy and foul smell in the urine. Pain above the pubic bone, in the abdomen or at the lower back is other possible symptoms of cystitis. Even the urge to frequently urinate with only a small amount is a sign. In most cases, burning sensation and pain during urination also occur. Feeling these discomfort and inconveniences can give you attention to find treatment.

Applying cystitis in men treatment helps patient get cured. Go to your trusted doctor to get some prescribed antibiotics and other treatments. The patient must also undergo some home treatment as part of the recovery process. These home remedies include the drinking of water and cranberry juice every day. It is necessary that patients must seek treatment immediately to be free from this chronic disease. Otherwise, cystitis in men can also lead to some serious health problems if not treated right away. Finding immediate treatment is very important to avoid complications.


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