What is Cystitis and What Causes It

Interstitial cystitis is a chronic disease which is also known by the name “painful bladder syndrome”. This is an illness that gives a discomfort or severe pain in the bladder. This starts with an infection brought by bacteria in the urethra that enters into the bladder. Cystitis is medical problem that affects both men and women although it is common to women. This is the worst result of a urinary tract infection that has not undergone treatment or natural cure. Treating urinary tract infection is a way to prevent cystitis.


This particular health problem may be the effect of an infection, allergy or disorder in the auto immune. It is also possible that this maybe inherited from an infected person. Nevertheless, this condition may arise due to certain causes like stress, menstruation, allergies and sexual activity. The signs and symptoms of this include the constant urination during day and at night even with only a small amount of urine. Those who are suffering from this painful bladder syndrome may urinate up to sixty times each day. The persistence or need to urinate is also a possible sign of the disease. Other symptoms are chronic presence of blood in the urine, pain in the pelvic, pain between the anus, in the vagina or in the pelvic area for women. For man, there would be pain in the middle of the scrotum and anus. Learning these symptoms can give you an idea if you are infected by this chronic disease.

Treatments for this chronic disease are accessible. In the form of medicines like antibiotics and others prescribed by doctors are great remedies against cystitis. Surgical procedures using electrical impulses that result to reduction of the pain and the lessening of urinating is another stage of treatment. For natural cures, you can drink lots of water, and fruit juices like cranberries, carrot, spinach and cucumber. Applying these cures is the only means to fight the disease.

Preventing cystitis from developing should be done before or if you have urinary tract infection. You must respond immediately the moment you are experiencing symptoms of UTI. Do not take this health problem lightly but seek the help of a trusted medical doctor to help you cure this disease. You must find a way to have freedom from pain, complications and worries. Following the above suggested treatments would help you fight the disease and even avoid getting it.