Hemorrhagic Cystitis

Treatment for Hemorrhagic Cystitis

Hemorrhagic cystitis is an uncomfortable condition that is not easy to deal with. Hemorrhagic cystitis definition is the inflammation of the bladder that results to bleeding. This kind of health condition needs immediate response. It is very painful to have cystitis as this can become acute hemorrhagic cystitis if there is a delay in treatment. Getting hemorrhagic cystitis treatment quickly can alleviate the pain and discomfort it gives.


The urination routine changes with associated pain. You get to feel the urge to frequently urinate. Urinating with pain and bleeding is sometimes the case. There is also blood in the urine if you have hemorrhagic cystitis. This is actually hemorrhagic cystitis infectious condition that must be identified. Feeling these hemorrhagic cystitis symptoms can trigger you to get treatment as soon as possible.

The cause of hemorrhagic cystitis UTI is the weakening of the immune system. This is sometimes resulted from undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments that involved radiation. In other cases, the use of a catheter, infection of E. coli bacteria and the side effects of some medications are the other causes of hemorrhagic cystitis. Diagnosing your condition through the help of a doctor is a good choice to know if you have cystitis and to get proper treatment

Many hemorrhagic cystitis treatment and remedies can be applied. One common treatment is the intake of antibiotics prescribed by the physician. This includes some pain relieving drug to alleviate the painful feeling this condition gives you. Some medications that are mostly prescribed are ibuprofen, antidepressants, aspirin and antihistamines. It takes about a week or two to rely on antibiotics depending on the level of the condition. Taking prescribed medicines can help reduce pain and other discomfort brought by this hemorrhagic cystitis.

The use of nerve stimulation can also help treat this cystitis. This is administered into the lower back or even the sacral nerve to alleviate pain and swelling in the bladder. You have to get advice from a doctor if you like to treat cystitis through this nerve stimulation. Seeking help from a health care professional is still recommended.

Treating hemorrhagic cystitis is easy to apply based on the given tips. You must act immediately in getting treatment once you get the hemorrhagic cystitis symptoms. The delay of treatment can cause complications. Thus, you have to go and see a doctor right away if you experience the signs of cystitis. Relying on a trusted doctor is how you can get proper treatment.