Men Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

What are the Men Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

Men urinary tract infection symptoms are easily detected. Men are not exempted to get infection in the urinary tract. Yet, there is urinary tract infection in men treatment. Furthermore, the bacteria that are causing this are called E coli. These bacteria which are usually residing in the colon spread through the urinary tract and cause the infection. This will become complicated and may lead to bladder infections men can be suffered from. If this condition is not treated and cured it may lead to kidney infection also called as pyelonephritis which is fatal. You should know that urinary tract infection in men causes complications if not taken care of immediately. Getting rid of this infection is possible with the right treatment.


Signs of urinary tract infection in men vary. However, the signs of urinary tract infection in men are the same as those in women. Few of those signs are pain and burning sensation when urinating. The constant urge to urinate is also a symptom. If the urine becomes smelly, dark colored and with urine, those also indicate the presence of infection. Other than those, there could be back pain and fever you may experience that show infection. If there is fever, vomiting and nausea, the infection may have reached the kidney. To assure if this is positive, you take a sample of urine that undergoes urinalysis for proper diagnosis. Once detected, you have to get treatment immediately. Experiencing these conditions must give you a warning that you have to act medical attention as quickly as possible.

There is various urinary tract infection in men home remedies that are available. Your doctor may ask you to increase your drinking of water from 10 to12 glasses daily. The advantage of drinking of lots of water is that it can keep you from being dehydrated. It can also eliminate the toxic substances in the body. You can also drink lots of fruit juices especially cranberry juice. Cranberry has fructose and proanthocyanidins which can fight off bacteria. Eating fruits and vegetables are also very effective in preventing the bacteria. Fighting the bacteria only happens if you do the right procedure of treating urinary tract infection.

Solving this health problem once you get men urinary tract infection symptoms and even male bladder infection symptoms is very vital. You must take some medicines that are prescribed by a trusted doctor. It must be also followed with the application of natural and home remedies. Doing the right treatment is what you need to do to eliminate the pain and the bacteria.