Non Gonococcal Urethritis

Health Facts and Concerns About Non Gonococcal Urethritis

Non gonococcal urethritis is a type of urethritis which is an infection in the urethra. This infection is cauased by various agents that may result from gonorrhoea or Chlamydia. Non gonococcal urethritis in women is less common than in men. The reason is that men tend to get more sex partners which make them at high risk to get the disease. Women, on the other hand, rarely get the infection because of the small urethra. However, both genders should still take care of their genital areas especially during sexual intercourse. Having a safe and protected sex can help you avoid this infectious disease.


The first thing you must know is about different non gonococcal urethritis causes. It is through sexual intercourse where you can get this disease. In other circumstances, a person may get the infection through bowel movement and untreated urinary tract infection. Avoiding this nongonococcal urethritis from happening would need proper hygiene and safe sex.

Secondly, non gonococcal urethritis symptoms must be identified to know if you have the infection or not. Burning sensation and pain during urination are common symptoms. Discharge from the urethra indicates infection as well. Women can have yellow, thick vaginal discharge. In addition, pain in the pelvic region can indicate the existence of the disease. Knowing these symptoms helps you to get treatment as quickly as possible.

Non gonococcal urethritis treatment is very important to get at this stage of health condition. A good and recommended treatment is to take antibiotics. These medications must be prescribed by a doctor to ensure cure. Aside from antibiotics, proper hygiene and health must be observed. The use of condoms using sexual intercourse is highly suggested. Washing the genital area before and after sex is also required. Eating more fruits and vegetables can help your immune system fight this disease. Doing all these ways to treat non gonococcal urethritis must be given priorities.

Preventing to suffer from this non gonococcal urethritis is something you must keep in mind. Otherwise, an infected male person can gain testicles inflammation or prostate infection. In women, infertility can result from not being treated. It is also possible that both men and women can have inflammatory pelvic disease and chronic pelvic pain. Therefore, you should take into consideration the idea of finding treatment of this urethritis. Protecting your genital area through proper hygiene and protected sex can help you avoid getting this non gonococcal urethritis.


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