Pyelonephritis in Pregnancy

Facts You Do Not Know about Pyelonephritis in Pregnancy – Time to Learn Them!

Pyelonephritis in pregnancy occurs because of the hormonal change in the hormone a woman when having a child. There are more openings for the bacteria causing pyeloneprhitis to enter into the urethra of a woman. This is how a pregnant woman can get pyelonephritis. Learning more about this infection can help you prevent it even if you bear a child.


Pyelonephritis is a kidney infection which is caused by UTI bacteria called Escherichia Coli or E. Coli. These bacteria, which are usually found in the large intestine, go to the genital area through the urethra. The bacteria spread by entering the bladder and ureters until the kidneys. Treating pyelonephritis in pregnancy is the only key to prevent the bacterial infection.

Furthermore, causes and symptoms of pyelonephritis in pregnancy must be learned. It helps you know if you are suffering from it. You are able to learn prevention too if you study how this infection starts. The hormonal changes in pregnant women cause the ureters to dilate and muscle contractions to lessen. This allows the urine to go down from the ureters into the bladder. Any physical obstruction to the flow of urine can cause both men and women. They can get the infection if there is an obstruction like kidney stones, enlarged prostate and backflow of urine in the ureters that comes from the bladder. Moreover, symptoms of acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy include abdominal pain, the frequency to urinate and painful feeling during urination. Figuring out if you have pyelonephritis is determined through these symptoms.


Pyelonephritis in pregnancy treatment is the solution to cure this infection. There are many antibiotics for pyelonephritis in pregnancy which you can take. These are helpful and effective remedies to fight bacteria off in the case of pyelonephritis in pregnancy. Other than those, you can also apply some natural cures and homeopathic treatments. You can search a wide choice of natural remedies through pyelonephritis in pregnancy emedicine. Living a healthy routine and proper hygiene can help you prevent this chronic infection during pregnancy.

Seeing your obstetrician-gynecologist to check pyelonephritis in pregnancy is highly advisable. You should get proper and quick treatment once you are diagnosed with it. This is to help you and your baby protected from the infection. Plus, the doctor can prescribe you the right medicines to take and healthy habits to practice. Treating pyelonphritis through proper remedies and medications is how to prevent this infection.