Preventing Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

A recurrent urinary tract infection is the result of untreated urinary tract infection. For some reason, the signs of this infection cannot be detected immediately. The symptoms are not very obvious. They actually vary too which include a very smelly urine, blood in urine, fever, and the urge to urinate more often. There may be also mild burning during urination, a very painful and severe pain and high temperature of fever. These are general symptoms of urinary tract infection women mostly experience. There is also possible urinary tract infection in children in which abnormality at the urinary tract can lead to kidney damage and may lead to recurrence of this problem. Preventing recurrent urinary tract is what you need to do in order to avoid complications.


There are two types of urinary tract infection. These are uncomplicated urinary tract infection and complicated urinary tract infection. Uncomplicated urinary tract infection is not serious which can be treated naturally such as drinking lots of water and fruit juices especially cranberry juice. In contrasts, complicated urinary tract infection is a serious chronic disease, that if left untreated, it will lead to a major illness like kidney infection and bladder infection. There is a need to seek medical help from a recognized physician whether you have complicated or uncomplicated type of urinary tract infection. Consulting a professional medical expert is the ultimate guide to get proper and quick treatment.

Urinary tract infections are the common diseases of most people these days especially in women. This is because they have lower or shorter space between the urethra and the vagina. There are also various stresses that can affect the pelvic muscles and ligaments to be weak and this will lead to bladder or uterine prolapsed.  Women who had multiple pregnancies and deliveries are more prone to develop this bladder or uterine prolapsed. To prevent it from becoming worse there must be a proper way to take care of these female parts. The male urinary tract may be also infected. This can cause irritable penil discharge, painful and frequent urination, and a muscular pain in the lower back area. Nevertheless, no matter what you gender is, if this infection is treated, there is still a tendency that it may occur again which is called as relapsed of illness.

Preventing recurrent urinary tract infection is very important. Treatments must be sought after as soon as you observe the signs of this infection. However, drinking cranberry juice is still the best prevention to keep it from recurring.