Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Children

Dealing with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Children

An immediate medical treatment is required if there are recurrent urinary tract infections in children. Otherwise, this kind of infection can be fatal. It may lead to other worse damages. High blood pressure and bladder or kidney infections are possible to occur. Finding treatment for the infection can help children get rid of it.


The symptoms of recurrent urinary tract infection in children are easy to recognize. There is cloudy, dark brown, foul smell and blood in the urine if a child has the infection. The frequent urge to urinate and the pain burning sensation when urinating also indicate infection. It is also a sign of infection if a child feels pressure or pain in his lower pelvis or lower back. Wetting problems can also be a symptom of the infection. Witnessing these require some attention you need to observe.

Kidney infections can have severe symptoms. There are possible chills with shaking, fever, nausea and pain in the side, back or belly area. A flushed, warm or redden skin are also signs of this infection. Experiencing these symptoms may require you to have your child see a doctor.

Recurrent urinary tract infections in children may include fever, poor appetite, vomiting too. There are some cases where there are no symptoms at all. A child may have recurrent uti that only involves the bladder. If the infection has already spread to the kidney this may be more serious. This case would call for medical treatment right away. This is called pyelonephritis that a physician needs to diagnose for proper remedy. Visiting a trusted doctor is the best thing you can do to get treatment.

Do not wait until it is already too late to get treatment. You must go to a doctor once you see the symptoms of the recurrent urinary tract infections in children can experience. Antibiotics are the common prescriptions a doctor will give. This type of treatment is a good cure. Help your child by giving them home remedies too. Medical treatment must be accompanied with home remedies. These include the drinking of more glasses of water and including cranberry juice as part of the daily routine. Removing the bacteria that cause recurrent urinary tract infections works with these remedies.

Avoiding recurrent urinary tract infections in children happens if you follow the given remedies. These are proven to be the best and most effective treatments against the said infections. Remember to observe proper hygiene and lifestyle especially in the diet you give to your children. All these can contribute in the prevention of the infections. Protecting your child against sicknesses like this is the ultimate objective of every parent.


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