Sex and Urinary Tract Infection

The Connection of Sex and Urinary Tract Infection

Sex and urinary tract infection has a big connection to each other. Anyone can get urinary tract infection or UTI from having sex. In fact, one of the main causes of UTI is sex. If you are having a sexual intercourse with a UTI infected partner, you can certainly get the same infection as well. Getting rid of sex with an infected partner is what you must do to avoid UTI.


Anatomy is the main reason why women have high risks of getting urinary tract infection. Women have a shorter space in the urethra and this makes the E. coli bacteria to spread very fast to the urinary tract. Nevertheless, urinary tract infection can be very painful. Both men and women can feel the pain brought by UTI. You may also experience chilling and fever if it is a severe case. Other symptoms are the constant urge to urinate and the unusual smell and look of the urine. Experiencing these conditions indicate you have been infected with UTI.

Can you have sex with a urinary tract infection? The answer to this question is yes but there is a high risk of getting UTI from an infected partner. You can get the same infection when having sex. Thus, it is advisable that you stay away with this if you do not like to suffer from UTI. The urinary tract infection having sex with a new partner is called honeymoon cystitis. This is very common to younger women who are in the start of a sexual relationship. It is not therefore safe to have sex during a urinary tract infection condition. Remember that sexual transmitted disease is formed from infectious bacteria. So UTI can also harm you which may result to STD. Urinary tract infection from sex during menstruation is not even possible. Moreover, UTI sexually transmitted disease can be possible if your partner is positive to have the STD. This is due to the fact that STD is contagious and can be transmitted to your partner during sex. So it is better to be aware of this to prevent you from being contaminated with the disease of your sex partner. Avoiding having sex with a person with UTI or STD is best recommended.

There are some tips to remember and follow regarding UTI sex activity. You must avoid sex if you have a UTI or your partner has it. You must wait until the person infected is cleared from UTI. Vaginal penetration can worsen a UTI case so stay away from sex for awhile. It is also good if you urinate before and after sex. Even if you and your partner are not infected, you must always urinate before and after your sexual activity. This can eliminate the possible development of UTI. Following these tips can help you get rid of UTI.

Knowing the connection of sex and urinary tract infection can give you ideas on what to do and avoid. The information and tips provided are very essential. Therefore, you keep these facts in mind to avoid having UTI or STD. Protecting yourself from harmful sex is the best thing you can do.