Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection in Children

Various Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection in Children

Parents need to find out the different signs of a urinary tract infection in children. Urinary tract infections are very common to children due to poor hygiene and lifestyle. Children can get infection if they are unable to restrain their urine discharge allowing the bacteria to go to the urethra. If there is prolonged exposure of urine like when using diapers this can lead to urinary tract infection. These are just some of the urinary tract infection in children causes. Finding cures of this infection is what parents must do to help their kids get rid of the bacteria.


You can detect if your child is suffering from this chronic problem through urinary tract infection in kids symptoms. If your child has unusual urine and there is blood in the urine then your child is positive with UTI. Even foul smelling urine can also be a sign of this health problem. Lethargic appearance is another symptom of UTI. Children may not be able to tell that they have urinary tract infection but when you observe that they are lethargic then you can tell they have the infection. The presence of fever is another sign of UTI in children. Infection likely occurs too if your child is experiencing pain during and after urination. Burning pain in the lower back or pelvic area can also be another symptom. The signs of urinary tract infection in toddlers are also the same as with older children. There is fever and involuntary urination. Observing your kids can help in determining if they are suffering from the infection.

Early signs and symptoms can help in detecting the presence of bacteria. You have to know the symptoms in order to know the right and best time to have your infected children treated. Otherwise, this may lead to uncomplicated urinary tract infection if you delay their treatment. Early treatment will result to early and fast recovery. Treating the infection as quickly as possible is a good help in getting rid of the bacteria.

Knowing the signs of a urinary tract infection in children can really help in diagnosing your children. Parents must seek medical help for the treatment of their children and toddlers to help them avoid this infection as well as possible upper urinary tract infection called the kidney infection. Bringing your children to the doctor is needed so they can be given medications and home remedies.