Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection in Men

Many signs of a urinary tract infection in men can be named. It is essential that you know the different symptoms of urinary tract infections in male so you can warn yourself. It will give you the chance to have the infection cured as early as possible. This also provides you the possibility to avoid having complicated urinary tract infections which may include infections in the kidney and bladder. Knowing the symptoms of urinary tract infection gives you an idea if you are infected or not so you can get quick treatment.


Urinary tract infection, or simply known as UTI, is a disease caused by bacterial called E coli. These are bacteria that actually reside in the colon. They infect the lower and upper urinary tract systems once they enter to those areas. That is how the infection will start to spread. If it gets worse, the bacteria could go up all the way to the kidney and the bladder. Preventing these bacteria from infecting your urinary tract is what you must do.

The signs of a urinary tract infection in men vary although they are not different than the symptoms in women. These signs include the pain and burning sensation when urinating, frequent urinating or the urge to urinate more often than normal. Other indications are foul smelly urine, dark colored urine and the presence of blood in the urine. If the infection goes up to the kidney, you will have fever that is accompanied with vomiting and nausea. If you feel more pain and discomfort, that could be possible symptoms of cystitis or bladder infection. Experiencing these discomfort indicates you need to get treatment as soon as possible to prevent it and avoid complications.

Whether you have lower or upper urinary tract infection, it is necessary that you find effective treatment. Prevention is also the key so you will not suffer from the inconveniences and pain this infection gives. You should know that sexually transmitted disease is one of the results of UTI. Thus, having protected sex is one factor that prevents the infection.

Having familiarity with the different signs of a urinary tract infection in men is very helpful. You are able to get proper treatment at the right time. This could be a very great help in preventing the spreading of the infection. Seeking immediate treatment is the best thing you can do once you think you are positive with UTI.