Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Toddlers

Common Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Toddlers

Symptoms of urinary tract infections in toddlers are common. Sometimes, the signs can be very obvious but there are still some people who cannot determine them. If you are a parent who does not know the common signs of urinary tract infection in toddlers, this is your time and opportunity to know them. In most cases, however, toddlers cannot say anything if they are feeling pain. They may just cry and scream. Checking on your children if they have the infection is what parents must do.


Aside from symptoms of UTI toddlers can experience, parents must also know the diagnosis and treatment of UTI. If toddlers have been affected with urinary tract infections, there are some signs that you can determine. The health conditions and behavior can have abnormalities such as fever, vomiting and the loss of appetite to eat. Sometimes, children can also feel some pain that may bother them which could lead them to cry and scream. The urge to urinate also indicates a sign of the infection. If the urine of your children has a trace of blood, a cloudy look, and foul smell, UTI surely exists. Determining the signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection infants and toddlers may get could help you know the right time to see a doctor for proper treatment.

If urinary tract infections treated due to the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, parents must also practice giving the proper toilet and hygiene habits to their kids. You have to make sure your toddler’s genitals are properly washed and wiped. The bacteria causing UTI may have been developed from the waste in the anus. So every bowel movement, their anus must be well cleaned and cannot affect their genitals. Giving proper hygiene and toilet habits is important to observe by parents especially if you are dealing with infected children.

Considering symptoms of urinary tract infection in toddlers as the given tips above is important to follow. Every parent needs to know all these things so even if there are no infections in their kids, they would be able to know how to avoid the bacteria. This is exactly what you are going to do. Following these pieces of advice would be essential to the treatment of your kids who are infected with it.


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