Urethritis in Men

Avoiding and Treating Urethritis in Men

Urethritis in men is becoming common nowadays due to the trend of having multiple sex partners. Many men during early adults are sexually active. They do not only sleep with a single woman. This can cause chronic urethritis in men. Treating urethritis in men is the objective of this article which you need to follow.


The pain brought by urethris in men can be mild or severe. It is a very common to urinate with burning sensation or pain as this is the initial symptom of urethritis. The pain may be also accompanied with fever, abnormalities in the urinary tract and unusual appearance of urine. Men may see their urine turning yellowish and foul smelling. A discharge from the penis also indicates the occurrence of infection. A trace of blood in urine is another common sign. These are all possible symptoms you need to know. Observing these signs is important to determine if you have urethritis or not.

Knowing how to cure urethritis in men is what you must learn as soon as you find out that you have urethritis. Antibiotics for urethritis in men are the common and the most effective cure. However, you need to seek the advice or prescription of a doctor to get the right medications and proper amount of doses to take. Taking antibiotics can cure urethritis in men which you must do with the prescription of a doctor.

There are other ways to have urethritis treated. If you are diagnosed with urethritis in men cure through natural remedies is a great solution. Aside from antibiotics, you need to apply some home remedies as well. These include the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, more glasses of water and cranberry juice. Proper hygiene must be observed also to prevent bacteria that are causing urethritis. Avoiding sex with multiple partners must be also given serious consideration. Following these suggested natural home remedies is vital to include during the recovery process.

Curing urethritis in men is easy to do if you follow the right procedures of treating it. Just make sure to avoid delaying the treatment to avoid non specific urethritis in men, or other complications. You should take the tips and facts given from this page to ensure you get treated. It should be your main goal to do these things to prevent urethritis. Studying causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of urethritis in men is very important.