Urethritis Treatment

Urethritis Treatment – Keeping Away From Urethra Infection

Like in the case of common urinary tract infection (UTI), urethritis treatment is important to take. This can help prevent the inflammation of the urethra. Urethritis is an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria. It can be either gonorrhea or chlamydia which are both STDs. Getting rid of the bacteria is how you can fully avoid urethritis.


The urethra is the tube in the penis wherein semen and urine flow through.  In women, this is the part where the vagina is located. If you study anatomy, you will see the difference of the urethra in men and women. Due to the opening structure of the vaginal area, women likely get to suffer from urethritis. However, urethritis treatment in men and in women applies the same. Knowing the effective urethritis treatment in women and men could be very helpful to avoid this infection.

Nongonococcal urethritis which is also called non specific urethritis is an infection that is not caused by gonorrhea. If the infection in the urethra is not identified as gonorrhea or chlamydia, it is likely a nongonococcal urethriris whose cause comes from a different circumstance. Applying nongonococcal urethritis treatment or non specific urethritis treatment is still what matters regarding this infection.

Before applying any urethritis treatment symptoms must be diagnosed. In most cases, urethritis has no signs at all. It may be hard to know if you have urethritis or not. Nevertheless, symptoms one can experience include itching, tingling, burning or irritation inside the penis of men, discharge or milky or pus-like from the penis in men or vagina in women, and burning sensation during urination. Taking antibiotics as the urethritis treatment is a good option which recommends by many people.

Antibiotics may differ according to brands and generic names. A few of the examples are the Doxycycline and Azithromycin. These are great acute and chronic urethritis treatment. However, you must follow what your doctor will tell you to take to ensure successfully recovery. Otherwise, you may not get persistent urethritis treatment. Consuming the prescribed medicines is what you need to do to avoid side effects, complications and other health issues.

Having a urethritis treatment is important in preventing this infectious disease. It should be an initiative to find and get proper treatment of urethritis. This is vital and helpful in curing the infection. Both men and women should know the treatment. Learning how to prevent it is very vital to do.