Causes and Cheap Ways to Prevent Urethritis

Urethritis is an infection in the urinary system which is the urethra. The urinary system involves the process of releasing of the urine from the bladder. If the tubal component of the urological system is infected then inflammation starts. If you are in this condition then you have difficulty urinating. It is painful to urinate once you get this type of infection. It is really vital that every person must know the causes, diagnosis and treatment of this infection. Knowing facts about urethritis can give you an idea on how to prevent and fight it.


Various types of bacteria, an array of fungi and different viruses are causes of urethritis. The overabundance of the bacterium and viruses present can make it even worse. It is also possible that engaging in sexual activities with a person affected by urethritis can affect you. These viruses and bacteria are easily transmitted to the other partner during sexual activity with an infected person. Keeping bacteria away is the scientific explanation to get rid of this infection.

Not all persons who are suffering from this medical condition will experience some symptoms. If in case one suffers then it must be an infection with inflammation in the urethra. A severe pain or the feeling of sharp and intense pains during urination is one major symptom of this infection. The urge to urinate during day and nighttime is also a sign. If there are symptoms that are similar to the signs of sexual transmitted disease then urethritis is a direct result of the STD. It could be also a result of urinary tract infection. Not all individuals who suffer from this urinary complication will experience symptoms. If a sufferer does experience issues as a direct result of an infection and inflammation in the urethra, it is common for a pain to be experienced during urination.

Potential complications arise if you are infected with untreated urethritis. Therefore it is necessary that you seek medical help if you have been confirmed with the disease. Getting immediate treatments is necessary to prevent possible complications and recurrent infections later on.

Urethritis is very common to women but male urinary tract may also be infected by this at the age of 50 and above. There are the E Coli bacteria that are causing the infection. The urinary bladder and the urethra are mostly infected by this disease. To avoid further complications it is necessary that you must have some medical and natural treatment like drinking lots of water and fruit juices daily. Curing this infection should be your major concern once you are infected with it.