Urinary Tract Infection Causes and Effects

As far as health is concerned, everybody would surely like to know the different urinary tract infection causes. Urinary tract infection is the infection along the urinary tract. It is often called as bladder or kidney infection to once the bacteria enters to those parts. The importance of knowing the causes of UTI is to have precautionary solutions and proper treatment. If you have this health problem, you need to take measures that prevent it from continuing and infecting other parts of the body. Determining the causes of urinary tract infection provides you a way to prevent it from returning in the future.


Women have shorter urethra than men. This is the reason why women are more prone to be infected by urinary tract infection. The opening of the urethra is much closer to the anus which is an easier way for the bacteria called Escherichia coli or E-coli to infect the urinary tract. Bacteria are also caused by bad or poor hygiene. Women who are infected get to have E-coli bacteria in their urethra which spread to the urinary tract due to poor health or hygiene. If urination is delayed or postponed there is a tendency that infection in the bladder will be developed. It is therefore necessary to urinate anytime you feel like doing it. Furthermore, women who are sexually active are the victims of urinary tract infection. It is during the intercourse act that the bacteria around the vagina are pushed through the urethra and to the bladder. The opening of the urethra can surely cause the occurrence of infection.

Infections in men in their lower and upper urinary tract are also common these days. Men who can be infected are mostly during the early years or above 60 years old which might be due to prostatic hypertrophy. In short, everybody can have the risk of urinary tract disease.

There are effects of urinary tract infection. The presence of renal damage that may lead to chronic renal failure is one effect. Urinary tract obstruction, urinary tract malformations, calculus or renal stones, spinal injury, urinary tract tumor, prostatic obstruction and bladder diverticulum are other possible side effects of UTI. Do not forget that there would be also bladder and kidney infection.

Having enough knowledge about the various urinary tract infection causes can give you clue on what must you do to prevent it. A diagnosis of a UTI in a person varies from one to another. It could be uncomplicated or complicated. If in case of complication this may lead to permanent renal damage. If it is still uncomplicated there is a tendency that you can still overcome it. Taking the necessary procedures to prevent it from spreading and leading to other major diseases is the goal you need to aim for.