Urinary Tract Infection in Boys

Preventing Urinary Tract Infection in Boys

Urinary tract infection in boys and girls is becoming prevalent these days. Urinary tract infection or UTI is a very common condition that infects men, women and even children. However, girls and women are easily infected with this infection for some astronomical reason. That does not mean that men cannot get it. There are also times men and boys experience the pain brought by this infection. What this page is going to focus is the urinary tract infection in children, particularly in boys. Knowing how to prevent urinary tract infection in boys is important for every parent.


Boys have longer urethra than girl which explains why also male can suffer from UTI. The urethra is the tube wherein urine lives. It is also the entry way of the bacteria that is causing the infection. Once a boy gets UTI, the bacteria have the potential to spread to other parts of the urinary system. The bacteria can possibly infect both urethra and kidneys. These bacteria are developed from certain circumstances. It may be due to poor hygiene or unhealthy food. It is possible that young children, toddlers and infants, can get infected with the infection due to the urine that is not quickly wiped out. Parents also need to know the proper way to wash the front and back private organs of their children. Taking care of your children in terms of hygiene can help in preventing urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection in toddlers and infants are easily named. These include foul smelling urine, cloudy urine, urine with blood and the urge to frequently urinate even if there is only a minimal amount of urine to come out. What kids will not like is the pain that result from the lower abdomen. Fortunately, there are urinary tract infection in children home remedies. Parents need to know these remedies to cure the infection. Finding effective and natural treatment against urinary tract infection is what must parents do.

Getting medical treatment for urinary tract infection in boys is a good method. However, most doctors just provide antibiotics. It is necessary to follow it up by applying some natural remedies for urinary tract infection in children. These include drinking of more glasses of water and fresh fruit juices, and eating the right foods. Encouraging your child to do these remedies could help in fighting off the bacteria away from their urinary tract.