Urinary Tract Infection in Toddlers

Symptoms and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection in Toddlers

Most parents can have an idea if there is a urinary tract infection in toddlers. Because most toddlers complain and murmur if they feel pain and discomfort, parents can notify if their children have health problems. Through the symptoms of urinary tract infection, mothers and fathers could surely tell if a child is infected or not. Knowing the symptoms and treatment of urinary tract infection infants and children are experiencing is what you need to do.


The result of irritated bladder, kidney and urethra is urinary tract infection or UTI. This kind of infection can cause pain, discomfort and abnormalities in children. The uti toddlers experience could be as mild or severe as in adults. Parents need to recognize the signs of uti baby can have. The increased urge to urinate and painful feeling when urinating are signs of the infection. Urine with blood, cloudy appearance and foul smell also indicate infection. The urine from the bladder must not get the bacteria that are causing the infection. Otherwise, this could lead to a more complicated infection called bladder infection. Your kids need to tell you immediately if they are feeling these things so you can get quick treatment. Thus, you should inform them regarding the signs of urinary tract infection in toddlers. If you know that your child or toddler has one or few of the signs of UTI, it is important to immediately consult a professional health practitioner. Paying attention to this health concern is important to have it completely treated.

Urinary tract infection in children home remedies are the best solutions to flush the bacteria away. There are several natural or home cures you can do to help your toddler avoid the infection. As you consult and rely on the prescriptions given by a doctor, you must also practice feeding your children with healthy foods and beverages. Toddlers must learn the importance of drinking many glasses of water and fruit juices. You also encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Hence, avoiding unhealthy foods like those that are salty and oily is the main aim in applying UTI home remedies.

Determining the proper ways to prevent urinary tract infection in toddlers is a great help. This gives you the chance to know the right methods and correct treatment against UTI. Following the natural remedies of UTI is a big, helpful action you can do with your children who are infected with it.