Urinary Tract Infection in Women

Facts About Urinary Tract Infection in Women

Urinary tract infection in women is very common because of anatomical reason. What is the main factor that causes urinary tract infections? This infection occurs if there are bacteria called E. coli which infect the urinary tract of women. These bacteria enter into the opening of the urethra with the possibility to spread other parts including the kidneys and the bladder. Treating urinary tract infection or UTI must be given importance and priority.


What are the symptoms of lower urinary tract infection and upper urinary tract infection? What is the difference between those two urinary tract infections? The most typical infection is the lower urinary tract infection. The lower part of the urinary tract is always the first one that is infected by the bacteria. Once the lower urinary tract is infected, treatment is not difficult to achieve. The upper tract includes the bladder and the kidneys. If these parts of the urinary tract system are infected, complications arise which denote a very bad condition as far as health is concerned. If both the lower and the upper urinary tracts are infected, you will feel the worst condition of UTI. Preventing urinary tract infections is the main goal of every infected person or even those who do not have the bacteria.

Bacteria can cause many different health conditions including UTI. People get bacteria at home and outside their house. Bacteria can be found everywhere so there is a need to be careful at all times. In the case of UTI, bacteria come in different ways. UTI may be formed due to unsafe sexual intercourse. You can get the bacteria if you sleep with someone who is infected with it. Thus, you ensure to use protection during this activity. Another way to get the bacteria is when there are poor toilet and hygiene habits. This means that bacteria occur if there is no proper care on the hygiene especially when using the toilet. Avoiding urinary tract infection in women must include the taking care of the body.

Finding effective treatment of urinary tract infection in women is highly recommended. Antibiotics and home remedies are the suggested means to treat UTIs. Even if you have successfully recovered from it, you must observe UTI prevention. You must also prevent recurrent urinary tract infections so you will not suffer from it again after recovery. Experiencing the same infection for the second time may be worse. Nonetheless, getting the best treatment can help much in preventing UTI.