Urinary Tract Infection in Women – What are the Signs

Urinary tract infection in women is very common. Many women of all ages are suffering from urinary tract infection due to several reasons. One major why most infected persons are females is because of how their bodies are made. Thus, the anatomy of females could contribute as a factor of being infected with UTI. This can give disadvantage to women’s health at some point if there is complication. However, doing necessary precautions and health management can prevent this infection from occurring in women.


Most often, urinary tract infection or UTI is not a serious type of illness. It does give discomfort and pain but it is not something that is life-threatening. Women can just get mild discomfort or extreme pain depending on the circumstances. There are some who will feel a burning sensation in the urinary tract. Others have extended pain from the urinary tract to the abdomen, back or side. Once these aches occur in a woman, she definitely has a urinary tract infection. Feeling pain in the mentioned body areas is an indication that a person is infected with UTI.

Aside from the pain, there are other common signs that indicate the presence of the infection. If you feel a constant urge to use the washroom to urinate or sometimes termed as urinary urgency, it suggests that you have the infection. If you feel pain while urinating, it is also an indication of urinary tract infection in women. If there is blood in the urine and foul smelling urine, it is also a positive sign that you are infected with it. Experiencing these symptoms frequently or more than once implies that you need to have it cured as quickly as possible.

These signs can surely happen once you are infected with UTI. Urinary tract infection in women is caused by some reasons. You may have had sexual intercourse with a person who is infected with it. The vagina of women is located near the anus which makes it an easy target for bacteria to enter. Once bacteria enter it, the urethra, bladder and kidney would be infected as well. This is the start for the infection to spread. Another cause of UTI is if you keep on holding your urine. If you delay your urination, there is a chance that the bacterial would linger in the urinary tract which leads to cause infection.

Fighting urinary tract infection in women is possible if you do the right ways on how to prevent it. Even if you have not infected with it, you must have be responsible to take care of your body from time to time. You should know there is a natural cure for UTI. Preventing the bacteria to infect your urinary tract should be your primary concern.