Urinary Tract Infection Pregnancy – What Else Could Go Wrong

Women who have urinary tract infection pregnancy may suffer side effects which include the health of her baby. If you are suffering from this infection especially if you are pregnant, you must consult a physician as soon as possible. Seeking a professional doctor can help you prevent this issue and save your baby from getting infected.


Urinary tract infection or UTI in women has two types, either the uncomplicated and complicated type.   The complicated one is the recurrent urinary tract infections. This means that when the bacteria are gone it may recur and begin to infect again which may cause other organs of the body. The two conditions of urinary tract infection are called the lower urinary tract infection and the upper tract infection disease. The upper UTI is called pyelonephritis which is the kidney infection that is a syndrome caused by the inflammation of the tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder and the renal. There is also possible pyelonephritis in pregnant women. The lower urinary tract infection is also called urethritis which is an infection limited only to the urethra. The cause of bladder infections is the result of severe urinary tract infection. This may also result to kidney infection which is very fatal. Sometimes symptoms cannot be felt in certain cases and this is what they call bacteriuria during pregnancy. This is the case to some pregnant women who cannot feel or see the symptoms. This may not cause any problem if you are not pregnant. However, if you are pregnant you must see a doctor to help you and your baby. Avoiding UTI is a serious goal every woman must do.

UTI in women is very common. This is because of the short urethra which makes bacteria easily reach the bladder. Nevertheless, you must undergo a urinary tract infection tests for women or buy a dipstick which you can do by yourself. If there is an infection an area of the strip will have a changed color. Seeing a change in the color of the strip indicates you have UTI.

Having proper diet to prevent urinary tract infection pregnancy is a good treatment that you can easily do. Ensure that your diet is full of fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that are salty and very fatty. Antibiotics are also a cure against UTI but ensure to get the proper prescription from your physician. Following these various methods can help you treat and prevent urinary tract infection.