How to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection from Sex

Many people especially adults want to know some good ways to prevent urinary tract infection from sex. One cause of urinary tract infection is actually from sex. The explanation of this is briefly discussed based on the information below. Reading the reasons why sexual intercourse can be a cause of urinary tract infection will help you learn the right ways to prevent this illness.


Among the different causes of urinary tract infection, sexual intercourse can bring infection due to the fact that a person infected with it can transfer bacteria to his or her partner. The penetration of the male’s penis to the female’s vagina is not common for most couples now. New styles like oral and anal sex are becoming favorite positions. Since most bacteria from the anus contain E coli, there is a tendency that the bacteria can be transferred. The bacteria from the anus may spread to the vagina until the urethra and bladder. This is how urinary tract infections in women can occur. Avoiding sexual intercourse with an infected person is something you need to consider about.

It is still recommended to have protected sex so you do not only prevent urinary tract infections but also possible sexually transmitted diseases. Keeping safe when having sex is what you must do with your partner if he or she is positive with urinary tract infection.

How can you determine if a person has a urinary tract infection from sex? There are various signs of this infection. Foul-smelling cloudy or bloody urine is one. Pain feeling when urinating is also a symptom. Once you experience these discomforts, you need to diagnose yourself and verify it you have urinary tract infection. Taking immediate action to prevent this infection must be done right after you have observed these signs.

Fortunately, urinary tract infection from sex is easily treatable. You just have to consult a doctor to get the proper treatment as well as tips. It is possible that you may get the infection at some time even if you are treated with it. Preventing recurrent urinary tract infections is very vital.

Solving urinary tract infection from sex through the right preventive methods can help you get rid of the infection for good. You must also aim to prevent it from returning. Following those tips can certainly give you a guide on how you can deal with this kind of health condition without jeopardizing your sexuality.