Acute Cystitis

What is Acute Cystitis and How to Prevent It

Acute cystitis is typically a cystitis that is caused by bacteria called E. coli. These bacteria are found everywhere but mostly collected from the bowel. The bacteria causing infection can result to cystitis. This infection exists once the bacteria enter the urethra and travel through the bladder. Thus, cystitis is a result of bacterial infection in the bladder. The spreading of the bacteria in the urethra can harm the kidney and the bladder which lead to a painful situation. Knowing what is cystitis can give you understanding on how to prevent this infection.


There are many acute cystitis causes you need to know. As a form of urinary tract infection, cystitis can become acute if not treated. Having urinary tract infection before that kept on coming back can result to acute cystitis. Adult men and women can get cystitis from unprotected sex. Doing sexual intercourse with multiple partners can create infection. A person who sexually interacts with an infected partner can get the infectious disease. Furthermore, hormonal changes occur in a pregnant woman. Thus, acute cystitis in pregnancy can result. In the contrast, acute cystitis in children is caused by poor hygiene. The most common case is during the washing of the anus after bowel movement. Avoiding such circumstances that give the bacteria to enter the urethra is something everybody must do.

Acute cystitis symptoms are also important to know. Any infected person may have cloudy or bloody urine with a strong odor. Sometimes, he may feel fever with vomiting and nausea. Acute cystitis may be also determined due to pain and burning feeling during urination. Abnormalities in the bladder can also indicate cystitis. Lastly, a simple pressure or cramping in the lower abdomen can suggest infection. Having these kinds of unusual feelings only suggest that you may have acute cystitis.

If there is acute cystitis antibiotics are the best remedy. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics as the initial treatment of this infection. Going to a doctor to get the proper amount and generic name of antibiotic is what you have to do.

Preventing acute cystitis should not be a big challenge. The antibiotics to take are a very effective acute cystitis treatment. For a faster and better recovery, you do some home remedies as well. Drinking more water, cranberry juice and eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can really help. Keeping these facts and tips would help you prevent this infection.