Child Bladder Infection

Child Bladder Infection – Proper Prevention and Treatment

Child bladder infection is very prevalent nowadays because of the food and lifestyles introduced to children. These two things are the main causes of this health problem. Parents must be aware of the symptoms of urinary tract infection in children. This helps you determine if your children are affected by it. Upon observing those signs, you must seek the help of a doctor to diagnose a bladder infection affecting your child. Visiting a doctor is the first thing you need to do to verify if your kids have the infection.


The following are the signs and symptoms of bladder infection in children. If your child is frequently going to the bathroom to urinate, then it may be a positive symptom of UTI. Even though there is no urine coming out but he has the urge to urinate, then there is an infection. This is also the cause of an overactive bladder. There is an infection if your child complains regarding the pain he feels during urination. Pain with urination and constant urination go together which are common symptoms of UTI in children. If the urine of your child has a trace of blood, then it is already a child bladder infection. This is also a way to diagnose a bladder infection.

Sometimes urinary tract infection in boys are lesser in number than in girls. However, both genders feel the same signs of infection. In some cases, there is unusual fever, chills and also fatigue without a cause. A child may even cry while urinating because of the burning pain and sensation. They can also feel very irritable and easily tired even without doing anything at all. These signs must be taken into consideration by parents to help their children get rid of the pain and ultimately the infection. This is a chronic disease that must be prevented by right natural treatment and medical procedures. Preventing it is the key to get free from pain.

Curing this child bladder infection is easily attained through effective treatments. Take the advice and prescriptions from a good doctor. Include some home remedies as well. The best one you can offer to your child to get him treated is to encourage him drink lots of water and fruit juices especially cranberry juice. This fruit has substances that can kill the bacteria effectively. Removing the bacteria and pain are possible with the right and proper treatment.