Chronic Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Facts Concerning Chronic Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection – Symptoms to Treatment

Chronic recurrent urinary tract infection is a type of urinary tract infection or UTI that must be prevented. This is mostly experienced by many adults. The chronic recurrent urinary tract infection children suffer from is also the same as adults. It is very vital that children with chronic recurrent urinary tract infections need to receive careful evaluation and treatment. Repeated UTIs in children may lead to more serious complications. It is possible to have high blood pressure, bladder infection and kidney failure. Treating this infection with immediate action is recommended.


Kidney failure or renal failure is when the kidney slows down or stops filtering wastes from the body. This will cause buildups of toxic and waste substances in the blood. Kidney failure can be acute (sudden) or chronic which occurs overtime or permanent. Avoiding failure in the kidney is possible if you treat UTI quickly.

Chronic recurrent urinary tract infections can be classified as chronic if they occur more than twice in six months or more than two weeks. These kinds of infections do not usually positively respond to regular treatment. There is special treatment needed for this case. Getting the right treatment for chronic recurrent urinary tract infection is what you must do.

Causes of chronic urinary tract infection vary. It can be due to poor hygiene habits. Issues occurring in the urinary tract are other common causes. Poor hygiene causes the E. coli bacteria to pass from the rectum to the urinary tract causing infection. Aside from these, hormonal imbalances during pregnancy are a factor too. These hormonal changes or weak immune system can be susceptible to some bacteria attacks. Preventing this form of UTI is the key you should learn to do.

Chronic recurrent UTI is a condition that is very serious but it can be removed from the body with the right treatment. There are many specific medicines that are available to treat chronic or recurrent UTI. The best proven treatment so far is Cranberry juice. This is a good natural treatment aside from water. Both liquids flush the bacteria away. Using these natural remedies is a good solution for urinary tract infections.

Seeking medical attention and effective home treatments is what you must do to prevent chronic recurrent urinary tract infection. If left unattended, it may lead to further complications and kidney removal. Medical treatments and home remedies can be the best help. Following these tips can help you fight this infection.