Chronic Urethritis

Chronic Urethritis – Digging Information about Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Chronic urethritis is also known as urethral syndrome. This is caused by abnormalities in the urethra and bacteria that infect the narrowing of the urethra. Other causes of chronic urethritis are poor personal hygiene which includes the use of feminine products, sexual transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia and the E. coli bacteria. Avoiding chronic urethritis in men and women is important to protect the health.


Some symptoms of chronic urethritis are easily identified while others are not. Some also are easy to deal with and others are unbearable. The most common chronic urethritis symptoms include painful urination, urgency to urinate, trace of blood in the urine and some unusual changes of urine. Experiencing any abnormalities of the urine and during urination indicates you need to get treatment.

Test and exams for chronic urenthritis vary depending on the symptoms identified. There could be vaginal culture, urethral discharge culture, urethroscopy and cystoscopy or the most common one, urine culture. Diagnosing chronic urethritis determines the right treatment to take.

Antibiotics are recommended treatment for chronic urethritis. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics followed by other remedies like culture or urinalysis after taking medicines. This is to ensure that the infection will be prevented. Phenazopyridine or pyridium may be prescribed to decrease urinary discomfort. If a woman gets recurrent urethritis, she needs to take a dose of antibiotics before and after intercourse. Visiting a doctor is important to get the right dose and brand of antibiotics.

Chronic urethritis natural treatment is also recommended. It is better if you and your partner to practice good hygiene and safer or protected sex. It can help decrease the possibility of developing sexually transmitted diseases which can lead to urethritis. The intake of healthy foods is also suggested. Fresh fruits, vegetables and yoghurt are good sources to prevent this infection. Adding these things to your routine can be surely a good help.

Preventing chronic urethritis as soon as possible is important. If you treat it immediately, you can avoid complications and possible damage of the urethra.

Possible complications are kidney infection or pyelonephritis, a long term infection hardly curable or worse, damage in the urinary tract system including impairment of the kidney function. If you suffer from this infection and experience the symptoms, make sure that you consult a doctor immediately. It is important to get treatment without any delay to prevent the growth of infection. Getting help from a health care professional is the best thing to have proper treatment.