Cystitis Causes

Knowing Cystitis Causes Help Prevent It from Complications

Cystitis causes inflammation of the lining in the bladder. This usually occurs when sterile urethra and bladder are infected by bacteria called E. coli. This is an irritation which leads to inflammation. Cystitis can affect all people of all ages but it is more common in women than in men. Treating it is not difficult anyway.


The causes of cystitis in women include several things. The bacteria can be taken when a woman inserts a tampon and there is a slight risk of bacteria to enter into the urethra. The changing of catheter may result to the damage to the area. When women use diaphragm as contraception there is also a high risk of cystitis. If the patient cannot pass out urine completely, this makes the bacteria to multiply. This is common among pregnant women and also to men who have enlarged prostate. A woman who is sexually active can also get cystitis. Honeymoon cystitis causes irritation and bruising from constant and prolonged sexual intercourse. Living a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent this infection.

Learning cystitis causes and treatment is necessary for the prevention of this health problem. All patients who are affected by cystitis must see a doctor to get proper antibiotics. One week of taking antibiotics will surely remove the bacteria. There are also other home remedies of cystitis. One common effective treatment is drinking lots of water about 6 to 10 glasses a day. Another effective cure is drinking of cranberry juice about 8 ounces a day. Applying these tips about treatment is a way to cure cystitis.

Having knowledge about cystitis causes and prevention can give you ideas on how to deal with this health issue. Other preventive measures must be applied to help you prevent cystitis. There is a need to practice good hygiene especially in women. You use neutral soaps around the genitals and avoid using perfumed soaps. Be sure that when you urinate your bladder must be emptied completely. Avoid delaying when you need to urinate because growth of bacteria occurs during the delay of urination. You must not also wear tight pants and tight under wears. During sexual intercourse, you need to urinate before and after it. Following these preventive measures can provide a fast recovery.

Knowing how to treat cystitis that causes discomfort and pain is essential. No matter what the cystitis causes cures are still the most important to consider. It is necessary to get treatment and prevention to keep away from recurring. You should include home remedies which include drinking lots of water and fruit juices like cranberry juice. These remedies can avoid acute cystitis causes complications. Keeping these things in mind can help you avoid cystitis.


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