Cystitis Symptoms

Cystitis Symptoms and Treatment in Women

Every woman needs to know about cystitis particularly the various cystitis symptoms, causes and treatments. This enables you on how to deal with it so you can successfully overcome it. It is necessary to know how to prevent this kind of infection to avoid further complications. Knowing about cystitis symptoms in women is very much helpful.


Cystitis or bladder infection is scientifically proven to give extreme pain associated with urination. The unbearable pain is one of the common chronic cystitis symptoms. The urgency to urinate is another common symptom of cystitis. Other bladder cystitis symptoms are dysuria or the burning sensation in the urethra during urination, discomfort and pain during urination. Some are cystitis symptoms but no infection in the bladder. This means that the infection may have just been in the urethra which can spread into the bladder. Infections in the bladder can have the same cystitis symptoms like back pain. The pain can also grow from the side to the groin. All of these are similar cystitis symptoms in men too. Having painful condition associated with these other signs calls for a quick and immediate response through treatment.

The importance of knowing the different cystitis symptoms is to help you on how to prevent the creation of infection in the bladder. To do that you must learn the causes of cystitis. This is an infection caused by bacteria called E. coli which are mostly found in bowels. Other bacteria are generally formed from the pollutants of the environment that reside on the skin. Another common source of the bacteria is through sexual intercourse. Your partner may have urinary tract infection or even cystitis that can affect your urethra and the bacteria enter all the way to the bladder. All of these are causes of the bacterial infection which can apparently allow you to feel cystitis symptoms. Preventing the spreading of the bacteria is very much helpful so you will not experience cystitis at all.

Learning the different cystitis symptoms and treatments is highly recommended. You must know how to cure and prevent this chronic disease. Once you experience those symptoms, you need to diagnose it with a trusted doctor. You must get proper treatment on order to effectively cure the pain and discomfort brought by this infection. Taking antibiotics, undergoing transvaginal manual therapy and applying some homeopathic remedies can help in eliminating the bacteria and growth of the infection.