Home UTI Tests

Home UTI Tests for Women

Home UTI tests are essential and helpful. You can do this test with the use of urinary tract infection test strips. This is the easiest and cheapest way to check if you have UTI. You just have to purchase and use dipstick test kits. The dipstick test kit has special plastic strips where you can urinate on it. You can detect if you have urinary tract infection if there is a change in color on the end of the strip. This is conducted before going to a doctor or, for some, an alternative way to diagnose whether a person has UTI or not. Conducting a home urinary tract infection test requires you to follow directions properly.


Home remedies for urinary tract infection in women are not difficult to find. This infection is easily treated with antibiotics. This is the same urinary tract infection in men treatment. It is the most recommended treatment given by doctors to prevent infections including kidney infection. Once you are positive with UTI after taking home UTI tests, you get the right antibiotics for the infection. Taking some effective antibiotics can alleviate the pain and remove bacteria of UTI.

Some natural remedies are also recommended. Most natural treatments are effective in reducing the bacteria out of the urinary tract system. One of these is the drinking of plenty of water and cranberry juice. They can make you urinate more often which eventually flushes out bacteria. This is also prescribed by many doctors as a good treatment of UTI. Including these on the treatment phase can help a lot in making you feel better.

Symptoms help you know if you have a urinary tract infection. The signs and symptoms of UTI may vary depending on the condition, level of infection and age. The urinary tract infection pregnancy symptoms are entirely different from children. A person with bladder or kidney infection may have worse symptoms than in mild urinary tract infection. However, if you experience the common symptoms of UTI such as the urge to urinate more frequently and the different appearance and smell of urine, it is a high call to diagnose it. Knowing the symptoms of UTI helps you if you need immediate treatment.

Diagnosing yourself using can home UTI tests give you answers to your worries. This is an easy do-it-yourself way to know whether you have urinary tract infection or not. By doing so, you are able to get treatment right away. Having some knowledge regarding how to diagnose UTI can help you in the process of curing this infection.


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