Honeymoon Cystitis

What is Honeymoon Cystitis

Honeymoon cystitis or plain cystitis is the condition of the bladder with inflammation. This condition is commonly found in women of all ages. Yet, this is the same honeymoon cystitis men can experience too. Other names for this health condition are Honeymoonitis, Honeymoon disease, Honeymoon syndrome, Honeymoon Bladder or Honeymooner’s cystitis. The reason why it is often called Honeymoon is because this health problem is the result of constant sexual activity especially during the honeymoon period. Thus, sexual activity is the main honeymoon cystitis cause. Knowing effective honeymoon cystitis treatment is what you need to learn through the facts below.


There are three types of honeymoon cystitis namely bacterial cystitis, hemorrhagic cystitis and interstitial cystitis. Bacterial cystitis is the common cystitis which is caused by coli form bacteria that was transferred through the urethra into the bladder which came from the bowel. Hemorrhagic cystitis is an inflammation in the bladder which results to bleeding. Interstitial cystitis do not involve foreign organisms and very difficult to diagnose. This is the rarest condition of cystitis. Avoiding any of the cystitis is attainable through proper health care, hygiene and protected sex.

There are many honeymoon cystitis symptoms that are easy to determine. These symptoms give you a clue that you are suffering from cystitis. One is the pressure in the lower pelvis. When you experience painful urination or dysuria, you may have cystitis. The frequency or urge to urinate often especially at night is also a sign of cystitis. A trace of blood in the urine indicates cystitis. So is the cloudy or abnormal color and strong bad odor of the urine can suggest infection in the bladder. Determining these symptoms enable you to know if you are suffering from it.

Honeymoon cystitis in women is more common than in men. This is due to the fact that the hormonal condition of women wherein their urethra has a shorter space into the vagina can make bacteria to easily enter. Furthermore, E. coli, the honeymoon cystitis cause, is the bacteria that are mostly found in bowel. These bacteria tend to multiply if the urine is delayed in coming out. This could lead to an infection and form cystitis. Getting honeymoon cystitis cure as quickly as possible is recommended to avoid growth of the bacteria.

Applying the best honeymoon cystitis treatment and remedies can help you prevent honeymoon cystitis. One of the most effective honeymoon cystitis home remedies is drinking lots of water around 6 to 10 glasses of water daily. This health problem can be also cured with cranberry juice. The suggested amount to drink is about 8 ounce. Both liquids flush out and kill the bacteria. Following these tips can help you eliminate the infection caused by this condition.


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