Male Bladder Infection Symptoms

Common Male Bladder Infection Symptoms

The different male bladder infection symptoms are easily identified. A bladder Infection is a disease caused by urinary tract infection or most popularly known as UTI. This is the infection in the urinary tract that is caused by certain bacteria called E coli. Once the bacteria enter the bladder, you get an inflammation in the bladder called cystitis. Bladder infection in men can provide a much greater effect than UTI. Thus, this kind of infection is more serious than male urinary tract infection. Treating it quickly is required so your bladder will not be damaged.


There are many kinds of bladder infection symptoms. They have the same symptoms as UTI. These symptoms include the constant urination, the frequent urge or feeling to urinate even though little or no urine can come out, bladder spasms and burning or pain during urination. The infection can be also accompanied with foul-smelling urine or bloody. Sometimes the urine becomes cloudy as well. These signs would not occur unless there are causes of bladder infection. Knowing the causes can give you an idea on how to deal with it so you can avoid the infection.

The first thing you must to do is to consult your doctor. If you feel the common symptoms of bladder even just the uti infection men mostly suffer from, you have to go to a doctor. The doctor will give you proper antibiotics if the result is positive. Since there are many kinds of antibiotics that may possibly be given, the doctor will examine your urine specimen first to find out the right antibiotics. Taking antibiotics can help in alleviating the pain as well as in eliminating the bacteria.

It is also important to drink lots of water during and after the treatment. Water is a good natural source that flushes bacteria away. It is one of the bladder infection natural cures that will clean your bladder every time you urinate. Cranberry juice is also a great juice to drink that can alleviate the bacteria of your bladder and urinary tract. Consuming some natural remedies for bladder infection is a cheap treatment you need to apply.

Having the knowledge regarding the male bladder infection symptoms and treatment can help you out in the future. After well treated, you can be able to avoid getting recurrent infection. Avoiding the formation of the bacteria is the only key to stay away from this infection.