Non Specific Urethritis

Introduction to Non Specific Urethritis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Non specific urethritis is a type of urethritis which is an inflammation of the urethra. It is called a non specific urethritis when the cause is not identified as gonorrhoea or chlamydia. This is a serious health condition that is associated with sexually transmitted diseases. However, some cases do not have infections which are considered mild and easily treated. In the condition of urethritis, there is a need to know effective non specific urethritis cures. Learning more about how this infection starts and affects the body can give you more understanding on how to prevent it.


There are various types of non specific urethritis. The common ones are unidentified sexually transmitted diseases, urethritis, urinary system abnormalities and inflammatory conditions that are either pathogenic or non-pathogenic. Thus, the non specific urethritis causes could be through unprotected sexual intercourse or urethral inflammation with or without infections. All of these are common non specific urethritis in women. Nonetheless, there would be also possible non specific urethritis in men. Both males and females can suffer from this inflammatory condition which must be treated immediately. Knowing the best non specific urethritis treatment is recommended to do by both men and women.

The risk of a delay treatment of non specific urethritis results to complications. There may be eye complications, joint complications, male reproductive complications and among others that give discomfort and pain in the body. You may suffer from conjunctivitis, red and sore eyes, Reiter’s syndrome, arthritis, anal infection, oral infection, painful testes, fever and sterility. Getting a quick treatment is highly advisable to avoid complications and other infections.

Symptoms in men and women of this unidentified urethritis vary. Men can recognize it if there is a pain in the urethra and other parts of the urinary tract. The frequency to urinate accompanied with painful and inflammation in the urethra is another symptom in men. Discharge urine, red urethra and stained underwear are other common signs of this urethritis. For women, they can either feel no symptoms or mild symptoms. If you feel pain in your pelvic region, it might be a non specific urethritis. Thick, yellow discharge in the vagina also indicates this infection. Feeling these inconvenient experiences implies that you are infected with this health issue.

Treating non specific urethritis is attainable through antibiotics. A doctor will prescribe the right medications for this. Therefore, you must seek a doctor right away you think you have this illness. Visiting a doctor for treatment is the first thing you must do to cure this urethritis.


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