Pyelonephritis in Children

Pyelonephritis in Children – Parents Need to Know about Pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis in children is closely related to urinary tract infection or UTI. It is an infection in the kidney that can be either acute or chronic pyelonephritis in children. A child who suffers from this infection must apply pyelonephritis in children treatment. Parents should give their children the best treatments to remedy pyelonephritis.


Acute pyelonephritis in children is somewhat an intense form of UTI. This is usually caused by poor feeding during infants, poor hygiene and poor health. These causes of pyelonephritis in children must be given solution. So parents are expected to give proper health food with right amount and regular hygiene habits. Teaching your kids to take care of themselves is highly recommended.

Pyelonephritis in children symptoms are similar to the signs of some common illnesses. A child who is infected may feel irritation, stomach pain, vomiting and high fever. Your child will surely tell you these conditions which you need to given attention to. Do not ignore if they complain and murmur about how they feel. You should let them see a doctor to diagnose if they are suffering from mild UTI or pyelonephritis. Identifying the symptoms of pyelonephritis in children is important to do.

Antibiotics for acute pyelonephritis in children are effective treatment. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics as an initial remedy. The infection is generally treated with antibiotics through injection. A daily dose of tablets for 7 to 14 days is also given. Taking prescribed antibiotics with the right amount can prevent the infection and avoid kidney damage.

There are some reviews of 23 studies of treatment of this kind of infection. These reviews concluded that children who suffer from acute pyelonephritis can be treated with amoxicillin or clavulanic acid and ceftibuten or cefixine. These are antibiotics that must be given daily for about 2 to 4 days. Experts have proven the effectiveness of these antibiotics. Including these medications in the treatment process can be a good help.

Knowing how to deal with pyelonephritis in children should what parents do. It helps you secure the health of your children. You are able to give them the proper treatment once you determine the symptoms they are experiencing. Therefore, all parents are encouraged to learn about pyelonephritis so they can further protect their children from getting it. Besides, this infection also attacks the immune system a  dkiney of adults. So it is very important that they should get know the causes, symptoms and treatments of this illness. Studying pyelonephritis can give you knowledge regarding how to prevent it.