Pyelonephritis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

What is pyelonephritis and how to prevent it? Pyelonephritis is commonly known as kidney infection. This is a complicated type of urinary tract infection that mostly victimizes adult men and women. It is through the simple bacteria called E. coli as the main source of pyelonephritis. This bacterial infection can destroy the kidneys if left untreated. Possible complications may arise as a consequence. Thus, you must learn how the symptoms and cures of this infection to know the right time to treat it. Learning all the facts about pyelonephritis is what you are going to learn through this page.


This chronic pyelonephritis has many causes. It could be infections in the bladder brought by mild or historic urinary tract infection. It may be abnormalities or defects in the urinary tract system which actually blocks the flow of urine from releasing out of the body. It is also possible that past urinary tract surgeries can cause side effects resulting to kidney infection. The formation of kidney stones that obstruct the flow of urine from the bladder is another common cause. For males, prostate enlargement is a potential major cause. Having conditions like these must be given medical attention to avoid getting the kidney infection.

You also need to know the different pyelonephritis symptoms. The symptoms are similar to urinary tract infection. These include the frequent or urgent urination, pain and burning feeling during urination, the presence of pus and blood in the urine, fever, nausea with vomiting, and pain in the back, side and groin. The symptoms of pyelonephritis in children may not be as harsh as those but pain in the abdomen is one major sign of the infection. Knowing the symptoms of this infection can give you idea on how you can get infected with it.

Acute pyelonephritis can be surely treated. Taking some antibiotics and other proper medications prescribed by a doctor is how to prevent it. Even after recovery, there is a need to maintain it by applying some homeopathic or natural remedies. This can help you prevent recurrent urinary tract infection and bladder infection. Taking care of your body through treatments is important to do.

Keeping all these facts in mind about pyelonephritis is vital to your health for today and for tomorrow. You must remember the causes, symptoms and most especially the pyelonephritis treatment. Preventing the development of this infection is possible by controlling your healthy habits including your daily diet and hygiene.