Reasons for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Reasons for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections – Know the Causes of Recurrent UTIs

There are various reasons for recurrent urinary tract infections. The primary cause of all these infections is the bacteria called E. coli. These bacteria enter the urethra of both males and females. They have the high possibility to spread to the bladder and the kidneys. The spread of the bacteria to both lower and upper urinary tract can cause recurrent infections and other complications. Getting medical attention and treatment as soon as possible is best recommended.


The most common cause to get UTIs is due to bacteria left in the anal area after a bowel movement. Research studies show that around 4 out of 5 patients of UTI get it from a type of germ known as Escherichia coli or E. coli. These bacteria are transferred to the genital area in a variety of ways. From there, they get into the urinary tract through the genital organs. Avoiding these bacteria may be difficult but makes it easy with proper health care.

For anatomical reasons, women likely get urinary tract infections more often than men. The urinary opening of women is exposed wherein bacteria can easily enter. After entering, the bacteria travel to the bladder and begin to multiply. They may also migrate from the bladder to one of the ureters or kidneys. Taking care of the body for both genders is advisable to avoid bacterial infection.

Reasons for recurrent urinary tract infections in female may vary. As mentioned, women have shorter space in the urethra. Because of this, the bacteria can easily enter into the bladder of a woman. If a woman holds her urine, the bacteria stays in the short area that may result to infection. Moreover, the anus and the vagina are very close to each other. If you wipe your back to front there is a high risk of getting the infection. You may get a yeast infection in this case too. A woman may get this infection too if she does not urinate before and after sexual intercourse. This is a very good idea because urine is sterile and must be flushed out of the body before and after penetration. Observing proper health care and hygiene is extremely important.

There are also many reasons for recurrent urinary tract infections in male. The most common cause of recurrent UTIs in male is the bacteria that settle around the urethra. Like in women, the bacteria also go up into the rest of the urinary tract. The unique causes of the infection are due to enlarged prostate and narrowing of gland urethral structure. Taking care of the body is important to avoid this from happening.

Reasons for recurrent urinary tract infections in children must be also identified. The E. coli bacteria in the urethra cause infections as well as urinary reflux. Other than these, being a patient of diabetes can also be a factor to get infections. Protecting your child is also essential for the prevention of UTIs.

Knowing reasons for recurrent urinary tract infections can give you idea on how to prevent them. Having knowledge about the reasons for UTI may serve as a warning and prevention. This can help to avoid getting infected with the different types of infections caused by E. coli. Following those provided tips is important to do if  you want to stay away from infections.