Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Causes

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Causes Different Health Problems

Recurrent urinary tract infection causes major health problems. Health issues like high blood pressure, kidney and bladder failure are possible to occur. This kind of infection is also known as chronic urinary tract infection. At least 2 infections in 6 months or 3 infections in a year are what you will get. These infections are mainly caused by different types of bacteria. Immediate treatment is recommended to avoid this infection. If left untreated, recurrent urinary tract infection causes more damages. You can suffer from kidney and bladder infections which are very serious conditions. Getting rid of these bacteria with proper treatment is what you must do.


This infection is resulted from E. coli and other bacteria. These bacteria attach to the cells lining in the urinary tract. If combined together, these bacteria infect the urinary tract with some side effects. Furthermore, this kind of infection is commonly found in women who have previous UTI history. Studies show that 30 percent of women who had UTI will get it again. On the other hand, 80 percent of women who were affected twice by UTI will have recurrent UTI. Taking care of the body to prevent UTI is needed even after you treat the first infection.

Recurrent UTI causes some urinary tract damages which may provide health complications. Patients with this must undergo regular treatments to eliminate this chronic disease. The most effective natural treatment is to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice daily. Cranberry has some substances that kill bacteria. Water will surely flush out the bacteria through urination. Drinking these two liquids can help you fight these bacteria.

If this recurrent UTI causes other health problems, you may need to seek a professional physician. He can prescribe you the best and most effective treatment. This can help you prevent the infection from coming back. Seeking medical treatment from a good doctor must not be ignored.

Women who are having this type of infection need to take care of their bodies and eating routine. They are usually the favorite victim of the bacteria for some reasons. Women are non-secretors of certain blood group antigens. This makes women more prone to recurrent UTI. Other than that, the cells lining of the vagina and urethra are too tight that invite bacteria more to spread in the urinary tract. Men also get these infections if body is not properly taken care of. Thus, it is also important for them to get treatments.

Knowing proper home treatments is a must to avoid recurrent urinary tract infection causes complications. Taking low doses of antibiotics everyday for at least 6 months is required. Drinking lots of water and cranberry juice also helps. Practicing proper hygiene especially when washing is also a good prevention. Doing all these things regularly can overcome the infection.