Signs of Urinary Tract Infection in Toddlers

Signs of Urinary Tract Infection in Toddlers Parents Must Know

It is not difficult to know the signs of urinary tract infections in toddlers. They are the same symptoms experienced by infected adults of urinary tract infection. For parents who do not know the symptoms of urinary tract infection in toddlers, this is your chance to get all the information you need. Learning the different signs and symptoms of UTI in toddlers will help you know if your child is infected or not.


The urinary tract infection infants and toddlers experience can be identified through the common symptoms of UTI. An increased urge to urinate is one sign of UTI baby can experience even though there is only a little amount of urine to bring out. A yellowish and foul smelly urine is another sign. Babies can also feel pain in the lower abdomen which indicates the existence of infection. If it is severe, there is possible child bladder infection. Identifying these UTI symptoms in children must not be ignored so you know when to give your child the proper treatment.

Moreover, these indications are important to know. Knowing them gives you an initial action on how to treat urinary tract infection in little children. To be able to avoid this infection, you should know the different precautions and treatment against urinary tract infections in children. There are actually two things you can do to help your toddler get treated. First, you need to consult a doctor and have your child diagnosed. The physician will give him proper treatment through antibiotics and some home remedies to apply. Speaking of home remedies, the other method to cure UTI in children is through natural treatment. This means you provide your children proper foods to eat, beverages to drink and habits to do. After identifying the signs of urinary tract infections in toddlers, you must already know when to apply these things. Even if they do not have the infection, you should encourage them to consume the right foods and drinks.

Teaching the signs of urinary tract infections in toddlers to your children can also help. Once your children experience these, they will tell you that they might have an infection. It is also important that they must know the causes, signs and treatment of UTI. Informing your children about this infection can help them stay away from it. This would help you and your children both to know the right time to treat the infection.