Signs of Urinary Tract Infection in Women

Signs of Urinary Tract Infection in Women – UTI Symptoms You Need to Know

Many persons are interested to know the different symptoms and signs of urinary tract infection in women. Fortunately, this page will give you those details including medical treatment and home remedies. Paying attention to the following information can give you understand about how to overcome this infection.


Urinary tract infection occurs commonly in women rather than men due to the small urethra of women that leads the bacteria to spread. Knowing the symptoms of UTI can hamper you to seek medical treatment. It is really important that you must know and fully understand the signs right from the very beginning to help you avoid further complications. Knowing how to treat this kind of infection is your main objective as you read this article.

The bacteria in the urethra are called E. coli. These are causes of urinary tract infections. It is important that you know all the signs and causes of this health problem to get the necessary treatment. There is a need for you to get urinary tract infection diagnosed by a trusted and experienced doctor for proper treatments. Visiting your doctor could help you effectively treat this infection.

If there is blood in the urine when you urinate, this is a positive sign of a urinary tract infection. This is one of the common signs of urinary tract infection in women. UTI also is developing if there is chilling and fever. Some people mistakenly realize their chilling and fever are only due to flu. They might take medications that can worsen the condition which may lead to another infection or other complications. Urine that smells very bad with cloudy and dark appearance is another key symptom of UTI. Another sign of UTI is the constant urgency to urinate even if only little urine comes out. The person may also feel some pain and pressure in the bladder. These are signs that may lead to overactive bladder. Some people who have UTI can accidentally urinate their own self without a warning sign. This is due to the weakening of the muscles and its inflammation caused by the infection. During sexual intercourse, you may also feel pain which indicates a symptom of UTI. Suffering from these unusual conditions should give you a hint to get cure right away.

Knowing the various signs of urinary tract infection in women is advantageous. It helps you keep the infection away from becoming a recurrent uti case or developing other infections. Therefore, treatment must be done properly and is possible daily. Some of the treatments may be given by your doctor which is the intake of prescribed antibiotics. Home remedies are also very effective like drinking lots of water and fruit juices. Applying the given cures is an effective method you need to take to prevent UTI.

Not Recognizing the Early Signs of Urinary Tract Infection in Women Can Cause You to be Hospitalized With a More Severe Condition