Urinary Tract Infection in Kids – Tips on How to Take Care of Your Children

Urinary tract infection in kids is becoming prevalent these days. This is due to the lack of proper care to children. You cannot really blame parents in this case if they are both busy working. Nevertheless, a family must still need to know how to avoid UTI in kids. Giving extra care to your children should be always a priority so there is no reason that they will be infected with UTI.


Many young children do not know if they have UTI or not. As parents, you must educate your children regarding the nature of this infection, its causes and treatments. If you along do not know the signs of urinary tract infection in kids, then you must take the initiative to learn the symptoms first. Having knowledge regarding the different causes and symptoms of UTI is important for you to determine the right things to do.

If a child has an increased urge to urinate, he might be infected with UTI. If his pee smells bad, that is also another sign that he got an infection on his urinary tract. In some cases, parents would hear their kids saying something like, “it’s burning when I pee”. This is a positive sign that your kid has UTI. It is really painful for kids to urinate once the infection has attacked their urinary tract. It might be possible that there is bladder infection (cystitis) that is causing the extreme pain. Knowing these signs gives you idea whether your kids have UTI or not.

Symptoms of UTI in children actually vary. Even a teen with UTI differs in signs. However, you must ask your kids what do they feel if they urinate and what color is their urine. You also find out if there is other pain they are experiencing like in the abdomen. If they answer most of the questions with the indication that they have UTI, then you need to have your children see a doctor. Every child infected with it must consult a doctor as soon as possible for proper treatment. This also helps your child avoid getting it worse or inheriting other complications. Going to a doctor is must especially right after you have seen the signs of UTI in children.

Treating urinary tract infection in kids does not only happen in the hospital. After seeing a doctor, parents are expected to give proper follow-up treatment. Thus, do not merely rely on the antibiotics the doctor will give to your child. You must also apply the habit of giving your kid necessary health diet and lifestyle.