Urinary Tract Infection Infants

Urinary Tract Infection InfantsĀ  – Rare Cases

There are only very rare cases of urinary tract infection for infants. Some cases are those that are in the nursery or those that are in the neonatal intensive care unit. Several cases of this urinary tract infection condition are usually detected by screening. There must be proper diagnosis to make to determine if infants are affected by this health problem. This is also necessary because bacteria are prevalent in infants which may spread their bloodstream. The worst fact about this infection is that there are consequences infants have to experience. Helping your child prevent urinary tract infection is what you need to do by learning the different remedies.


Every parent must determine the different urinary tract infection symptoms in order to seek the best urinary tract infection in children treatment available. The symptoms include the increased urge to urinate and the presence of blood in urine which can be pinkish in color. All these are same symptoms of bladder infection. Identifying the signs of urinary tract infection can give help in knowing the right time to get proper treatment.

The urinary tract infection infants are getting starts from various causes. This infection is generally caused by group of bacteria which is the gram negative rods with the specific name E.coli. These bacteria together with Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Citrobacter and Proteus are the main causes of recurrent utis in children. Another cause is fungi which are commonly affecting the premature infants. It is because the immune system of infants is not yet wholly developed and due to the many procedures that they have undergone while still in the neonatal intensive care unit. Anatomic abnormalities and anatomical congenial abnormalities are also causes of UTI. The vesico-ureteral makes the urine to flow back from the bladder to the kidneys. This must be flowed back to the bladder and go out of the body. The posterior urethral valves are the very small pieces of tissue that may constrain the normal flowing of urine in the urethra that may result to urinary reflux. Uncircumcision is also another reason infants can get the bacteria. The bacteria may form in the outer skin of the urinary system if the infants are not circumcised.

Seeking proper treatment against urinary tract infection infants are suffering from is an initial step toward fighting the bacteria off. This can prevent recurrent utis in children which may lead to further consequences aside from the upper and lower tract urinary infection. It is possible that this may lead to bladder and kidney infection in infants. Preventing the infection is easy to achieve as long as you get proper remedies.


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