Urinary Tract Infection Pregnancy Symptoms

How to Determine Urinary Tract Infection Pregnancy Symptoms

This article gives you information regarding urinary tract infection pregnancy symptoms. There is significance in knowing the signs of urinary tract infection in women. It enables you to understand how this infection can affect the health condition of a woman. By knowing so, you will be able to learn how to treat and deal with it as well. Learning about how urinary tract infection or UTI can affect a pregnant woman would help you know what to do to treat it.


UTI is the common health problem today of many women including pregnant ones. Bacteria called E. coli are the cause of UTI. They come from rectum or vagina that enter to the urethra of a woman. They will also spread up to the bladder and kidneys which can cause inflammation. The cause of bladder infections is when the infection from the urethra is not treated.

The symptoms of urinary tract infection in women vary from easy to handle and hard to deal with. The common signs are the frequent urge to urinate, burning sensation when urinating, the presence of foul smelling urine, trace of blood in urine and cloudy appearance of urine. You may also feel pain in the lower abdomen, side and back. This symptomatic urinary tract infection is easily determined if one is infected. Experiencing these unusual conditions indicate you need to seek proper treatment right away you feel them.

After experiencing the urinary tract infection pregnancy symptoms, you need to conduct urinary tract infection pregnancy test. To certainly know if you are having UTI, it is better to visit your doctor. She can provide the best treatment for urinary tract infection pregnancy. In most cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics and natural remedies you can apply at home. Some of these natural cures are the drinking of more glasses of clean water and cranberry juice. Proper hygiene and toilet habits are also recommended. It is not actually difficult to treat UTI. Following what the doctor says is what you need to do to get treatment.

Identifying the different urinary tract infection pregnancy symptoms can let you know if you need to see a doctor and get treatment. This is your best chance to do that so you cannot harm the baby you are carrying. This also helps in preventing possible complications. Protecting yourself and your baby from these bacteria is what you have to do by getting proper treatment.